Corsair cx430 replacing HP OEM DPS-300AB-73A - need help with 2 issues

I posted earlier today. My Corsair has since arrived in the mail. I need help with two issues:
1. The 24 pin Corsair male connector has a blue wire in pin #14, while pin #14 is empty in the HP counterpart 24 pin connector. Is this a problem? Do I need to detach the blue wire from the connector?
2. The Corsair connector marked "CPU" is 8 pin, while the HP counterpart is 4 pin. I think I read a recommendation the the 4 outer pins be removed from the Corsair connector (Exacto knife?). Is this viable. Because there is a capacitor next to the 4 pin socket on the mbo, just attaching the unmodified Corsair connector is not an option.
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  1. The corsair should either have a break-away 8 pin connector that splits into two sections of 4 pins each, or a separate 4 pin connector for low end boards like mine. Many new boards still have 4 pins for the 12v connector; for the 24 pin atx connector, use it as is; it either works or doesn't. It may have one wire a different color. Most HP boards in recent years have not used a proprietary 24 pin connector, since the power supplies are standard atx. What model number is your hp system?
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