Building my First Computer. Need help with compatibility!!

I am building my first computer. I'm not building top of the notch but willing to spend about $1500 gradually. part by part.

I plan to use newegg or amazon to order parts. Seems like amazon is little cheaper on the parts. over all price was about $150 cheaper and heard it has better return policy. Anyways heres the list for the parts. I tried to match everything but its my first time building so help me out!

CASE: NZXT Phantom ATX Full Tower. Buying 2 More NZXT Fans(200mm and 140mm) to make it have 6 fans. Also considered CoolerMaster Haf X but looks too damn big. what ya'll think?

Motherboard: Gigabyte 990fx UD3. considered buying high end motherboard like crosshair v or UD7 but was too pricey. this was my compromise.

CPU: AMD Phenom ii X6 1100t

Graphics Card: Sapphire Radeon 6950t Dirt 3. might buy 1 more later in order to use dual graphics card.

Power Supply: Corsair 850AX.

CPU Cooler: Cooler Master V6GT

SSD: Crucial 128gb

Hard Drive: WD Black Caviar 750gb 6gb/s 64mb cache

Optical Drive: Asus Or Lite-On.

RAM: Corsair Vegeance 2x4GB 1600.

I Wanted To OVERCLOCK the system after finish buliding it. Like the CPU and the videocard. I usually ALWAYS keep my computer on and needs it to run stable under all circumstances. what will be the safe spot for overclocking and where can i get the information to overclock since i am NEW. First Time.
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  1. It is all compatible. Check out our overclocking section but with a AMD BE CPU it is easy raising the multiplier.
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