Not sure if I need any standoff screws

I'm building my first PC and I haven't yet powered it up because I'm afraid of frying it. When I install standoff screws, my mobo won't fit in the case correctly. My case has what looks like an upside down standoff screw in the center of it where my mobo slides on to and all the screw holes for the mobo are raised up. My tower is a Precision series PS05B. It only came with 2 standoff screws used for micro ATX monos. My question is, is the upside down stand off screw the only standoff that's supposed to be there? Without any additional standoff screws my mobo fits perfectly.
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  1. I call those raised bumps "mounds" you don't need standoffs with those mounds. Just be sure the backplate is square on all four corners and all the extra sheetmetal is broken off for the ports you need.
  2. Hello starta178;

    Those bump do the same thing as stand off screws - raise the motherboard up over the metal case.
    I'm thinking the 2 extra screws might match up with your motherboard - in which case - use them.
  3. Thank you all sooo much for this! I will go ahead and power it up and finally have my computer functioning.
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