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I'm looking to buy a new computer, and I wana use it for graphics like Photoshop, Illustrator and animations like After effects, Premier. and 3D Max. and for sure also to surf the web, office use, burning CD's.

I think I would consider buying a desktop. with a big screen.

so what am I looking for , and in which range?

I need also to know what is a deliverance bet. 32 bit and 64 bit

I need some suggestions.
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  1. Quad core i5 2500 8 gigs ram an SSD drive 64 bit OS for sure hard drive for store Nvidia video card your pick these work better b/c cuda when using rendering and such with photoshop. Prince range in the 1000 range if you build it prob 1600 US $ if you get it prebuilt maybe more if you go boutique.
  2. For graphics you need something with a lot of working power. I recommend i7 2600k , minimum 16gb RAM ,Nvidia video card , minimum 560 TI , or 570gtx.
  3. the more cores the better in your case. Can you afford the new 6core SBe's?
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