Intel HD 3000 GPU question

using 2600K with Intel HD3000 integrated GPU and ASROCK EXTREME4 Motherboard

- also using 2x nvidia GTX 560ti GPU


When I connect a display to the motherboards DVI/HDMI port the intel HD3000 GPU seems to take "priority". Games will run sluggish like the 560ti GPU's are not being used at all. I realise that I could use another port in my GPUs but that is not relevant to my question.

Is it possible to use the motherboards DVI/HDMI port and also utilise the GPUs or will they always be disabled in this case?

I expect the solution might be something simple but I haven't found it. Latest GPU/Lucid Virtu drivers.
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  1. One of the features of the Z68 chipset is that you can run multiple moniters from both the IGP (Integrated Graphics on Processor) and the dedicated video card. With a board like the Intel® DZ68BD I can have 3 moniters+ running from two off the dedicated card and one from the IGP/board. So you want to take advantage of the 560ti you need to have the monitor plugged into that port. With LucidLogix Virtu software it can switch between the IGP and dedicated but always being routed through the dedicated card. I hope that this answers your questions.

    Christian Wood
    Intel Enthusiast Team
  2. that sums it up very well. It is unfortunate the 560ti horsepower cannot be routed through the IGP, this is indeed what I was asking

    Thanks for your help. Case closed :)
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