Which motherboard drivers to update on new build?

I am building a PC next week when parts arrive. I am now downloading which drivers I will need.

From what I understand the motherboard drivers I should update are: Nic/Lan; USB; Audio; and Chipset.

Except I have been on the motherboard website and I don't know which driver is for the chipset. My first build in along time and any help would be appreciated.

Any other motherboard-related drivers I should look at? Any under the Utility heading?


Motherboard website:

My build:
Intel 17-3770k
ASRock H77Pro4/MVP motherboard
2x4GB Gskill memory, 1600
Asus HD 7850-Dc2-2DG5-v2 video card with 2GB
WD caviar blue 1TB
Corsair 200R case
Corsair CX430R PSU
Windows 7 - 64 bit home premium
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    Hi. Yes you should at the very least install the LAN, USB, audio, chipset (and video driver from AMD) for Windows 7 64bit. The chipset driver is labeled as "INF driver ver:". The one utility I found that might be useful is the XFast USB Utility. Install any additional drivers and/or utilities as you need like the Lucid Virtu MVP driver for example.
  2. Great, thanks for the info johnsonjohnson. I didn't know the INF was the chipset driver, I kept looking for something that said chipset or h77.
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  4. You're welcome and good luck with your build!
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