AM3 processor on AM2+ chipset?

I'm looking to upgrade an old AM2+ computer that I have laying around to use it for Folding@home. It currently has a single core sempron and I want to upgrade that. However, i can't find an AM2 or AM2+ cpu anywhere, but heard AM3 works on AM2+.

Would I be able to use this processor on the Narra5 motherboard? People have said AM3 works on AM2+, but on the HP specs page it says "Only socket AM2+ processors are supported with this motherboard."
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    Looking at the HP website, I wouldn't try the AM3 CPU unless you can return it. Not all AM2+ mobos can support AM3 CPUs and this seems to be one of those situations.

    You best bet would be to get a used AM2+ CPU cheap (like on eBay) or replacing the guts of the HP with a modern AM3+ mATX mobo.

    Good luck!
  2. AMD has confirmed that AM3 processors work on AM2/AM2+ motherboards. Thus users of Socket AM2/AM2+ motherboards will be able to upgrade to AM3 processors, without replacing the motherboard or memory; should the motherboard manufacturer provide the appropriate BIOS update.
    However, upgrading AM2/AM2+ processors to AM3 motherboards require the motherboard contains DDR2 SDRAM slots, because AM2/AM2+ processors lack the DDR3 memory controller. In addition, the CPU socket need to be a universal CPU socket design that can accept both AM2 and AM3 pin layouts, because two extra pins on the AM2/AM2+ processors and the change in contact placement (940 contacts for AM2/AM2+ processors, whereas 938 contacts for AM3 processors) makes the older processor mechanically incompatible with the reference new socket, preventing users from attempting to install an old chip on a non-compliant new board.
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