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I'm not sure where to put this. I'll first list my set up:
Corsair c70 vengence case
corsair 1200w psu
corsair vengence ram 24gb
corsair ram cooling fan cmxaf1
Intel i7 ivy bridge 3770k 3.5 ghz
antec h20 920 cooling unit
intel 60gb ssd raid 0
corsair 60g ssd raid 0
corsair black caviar 2tb 7200rpm hdd
2x corsair 140mm fans
2x corsair case fans
2x EVGA 680 super clocked SLI
Asus z77 sabertooth motherboard

Now my question is about fans. I have 7 fansif you include the ram fans and the water coolers fans (x2). My motherboard only has 6 3 pin connections that I plug my fans in to. Is there a way I can plug in more fans? Maybe like a splitter of some sort? I have 3 more fans I would like to put into my computer case. Also I've been told that molex would be better to power my fans because it can provide more then the motherboard. How true is that? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

And yes I did post this in the "all category" section but I just realized it's a motherboard issue and no one was respondng.
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    It is better to have them hooked to the motherboard so that it can monitor fan temp and speeds.

    You could also use molex connectors from the power supply (they sell adaptors to convert SATA to use molex) but they don't provide any type of monitoring.

    You could also buy a fan controller and hook up the additional fans to that and that will monitor the temp and speed of the fans for you also.
  2. What kind of fan controller? Do you mean the ones that go in the front bay by the optical drive and what not like this?
    If not any kind of link would help.
  3. Yes, like the one that you linked for the NZXT. That's probably your best bet, is a fan controller.

    Perhaps someone on here can recommend a good one for you, if anyone else is reading this, please.
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