I can't run my three monitors simultaneously

Hello.. My problem is that i really wanna connect my three monitors to my graphic card, ATI Radeon HD 5750..
I've got a Samsung which i use the HDMI output for and then two other screens which i use the two DVI outputs for (They are both VGA, but i'm using adapters). So my graphics card has the three outputs, actually four 1 HDMI, 2 DVI and then a last one, which i think is the DisplayPort, but as i udnerstand i only need that port for the Eyefinity thing to work, which is not the case since i'm not interested in three monitors next to eachothers..

The thing is this doesn't work! I can only connect two monitors. When i try putting on the third one it just disconnects one of the other monitors or give me the error: Unable to save display settings.

I really don't get this since my graphics card should be able to run three monitors simultaneously.
Thanks in advance.

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  1. To run three monitors you must use the display port . One monitor must be connected to the display port.
  2. Isn't that only for the eyefinity?
    If not.. How can i use the display port do i need an adapter of some kind or?
  3. yes, you need an adapter. (check ebay) eyefinity IS using multiple monitors. Also some VC can output to 4 displays.
  4. Oh.. thought eyefinity was monitors merged into one screen.. I just need 2 monitors duplicated and 1 extended i think, in different places in my room.. So an adapter it is i suppose.
  5. So i MUST use the display port, even though i have 2 DVI ports and a HDMI?
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