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I have a Hp pavilion a6512p, I've checked on compatible processoes, and decided upon the intel core 2 quad Q8400. Now I installed it, but when I boot up it boots up for maybe 10 seconds then just shuts off every time. Could anyone lend me some help here?
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  1. i'm assuming it has something to do with the BiOS? but why would HP recommend it if it wouldn't work..?
  2. Well I spent about 5 hours going back and forth between original processor and the q8400, the adjustment that finally allowed the processor to work was to roll back the BIOS to the 5.32 version. All the updates after (tried them all) which lead to the Q8400 to fail. So for anyone with a similar issue, I recommend installing 5.32 bios(keep in mind this is OEM hp bios updates so, I just know it works for the HP.
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