Are my parts Compatible? *Quick Respond Please*

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  1. Please don't just list the website, please include the name of the part along with the website for faster responses. When people just see a website, it makes them not want to help you. Also, what is your budget for this build, because we can help you reconfigure the build to be more efficient if we knew your budget.
    Aside from those comments, that should work well for CoD4, CSS, and Minecraft. I can't say they'll play CoD4 max if you have a bigger monitor, but it should play it pretty fast and on a high res.
  2. Sorry For listing the websites :( Anyways my budget is 530$ before shipping, which ends up 550$ total
  3. CPU: AMD FX-4100 $120

    Graphics: SAPPHIRE 100315L Radeon HD 6850 $145 ($130 w/ rebate)

    MoBo: ASRock 970 EXTREME3 $85

    PSU: COOLER MASTER eXtreme Power Plus RS500-PCARD3-US $40

    Case: NZXT GAMMA $36

    HDD: HITACHI HDS721050CLA362 500GB $100

    RAM: G.SKILL NS 4GB $21

    Heatsink+Fan: Stock $0

    DVD-ROM: LG DVD Burner 24X DVD+R $19

    Total: $566

    If you want to make this cheaper, you can go with this gfx card instead of the 6850:
    Radeon 6790: $130
  4. Sir, wouldn't bulldozer require more power? Or am i miss informed?
  5. Bulldozer CPUs have a standard of 95W, but can go up to 125W, which is what the Phenom II x4 run at. Also, the 500W PSU is enough for the build.
  6. Im sorry to be a drag but its a bit over my budget :(

    This is going to sound very selfish but can you try to make it a little bit cheaper and all on newegg? Again i'm really sorry to be this picky
  7. Why all on newegg? I can tell you, Amazon is a great company, and also you won't have to pay for shipping costs. And also, you can buy this HDD from bestbuy for $30 cheaper, making the total $30 cheaper, but its on best buy only
  8. Ok then, I see your point on amazon and new egg. Thanks and ill see how price goes with this 320gb :)
  9. I was looking at reviews of that psu btw.... it has some pretty bad reviews :/, should i use it anyways?
  10. Ok I have finally came out with my decision! I'm keeping the 500gb hdd but im going to downgrade my cpu to a 3 core but I can easily unlock the 4th core with my mobo.

    It probably won't run as great as a bulldozer, but yet again... im playing really basic games and going on youtube and thats about it :)
  11. I would read more reviews before deciding, as some reviews are sentence long reviews, including: "CM didn't fulfill rebate", "IT DOESN'T WORK" "the fan spin very slow" "It's trash"...very vague, I only read reviews that are helpful, and describes the problem, then I make a decision. The computer not working could be multiple problems but people find it easier to blame something right away because people are lazy ( i know I am). Also, I agree with you, I've read some reviews on NewEgg about the FX-4100 and how the motherboards need a new BIOS, meaning you need another CPU to install the new BIOS then you can install the new CPU...which isn't helpful
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