Confused about the z77 extreme6

So when installing my Z77 Extreme6 motherboard i say a female molex plug input by the graphics card slots i heard somehting about overclocking with this, anything would help me very much... I do overclock my gpu so not sure what this is but if it helps overclock my gpu more then i guess i connect a molex plug?

here is what im talking about
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    It is not necessary but if you have 2 cards in SLI it is to provide direct power to the PCIe slots instead of relying on the board circuitry.
  2. if i only have one will this aid in overclocking?
  3. I do not think so.
  4. hmm will it hurt my gpu if i put it in? so can i put it in just becuase and have no adverse effects?
  5. It will not hurt anything.
  6. so then if i do plug it in then no problems will be caused because i did so even though i only have 1 card
  7. Should not create any problems.
  8. alright well thanks for the help
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