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What gpu should i get ignore the 570 thats going to be for a new build.

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1. Acer f672cr
2. Graphic interface - PCIe
3. Memory -DDR2 4096
4. CPU - Intel Pentium D 925
5. CPU Speed - 3000.0 MHZ
6. Power Supply Make/Model -Thermaltake/ Black Widow
7. Watt output/Amperage 850

5. Country- USA
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  1. time for a new build unless your going for something that will play doom 3 at best..

    please use the appropriate form to ask for gpu advice... but honestly id say save for a new build, here is the form which can be found at the top of the graphics forum:

    USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: Playing WoW or Minimal Graphic games

    CURRENT GPU AND POWER SUPPLY: thermaltake, black widow

    OTHER RELEVANT SYSTEM SPECS: Acer f672cr, Pentium D 925

    PREFERRED WEBSITE(S) FOR PARTS: newegg/tigerdirect all i know of really

    PARTS PREFERENCES: non really just pcie

    OVERCLOCKING:no bios wont support


    ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: Just want to use it for WoW and maybe DDO to kill time
  3. budget? problem is you have a single core cpu, id save for a new build... never played Wow but anything more demanding than that will be seriously lacking no matter what gpu you throw in there
  4. $35, how do i find out if my pcie is 1.0 or 2.0
  5. you cant buy much of a gpu for that price maybe a useg 8800gt off ebay but you should consider saving some paychecks in my opinion..

    most 2.0 gpus are backwards compatible but honestly you have a prebuilt acer motherboard, you need to upgrade if you want to game
  6. do you think i can get away with using my case?
  7. if it is the same case that comes with your prebuilt then. no.

    but if you give me your budget I can suggest the components for a new build, you can get a decent new case for 40-60 dollars depending on your preference, and you can build a decent gaming rig for around 500 dollars these days:,3032.html

    check out Toms 500 dollar gaming rig^^^

    If that is out of your reach then id start saving and deal with what you got now, possibly get a cheap gpu off ebay such as a 9600 gt or 4850
  8. probably $350 whats a 4850.. I was thinking about getting the i7-2500 cpu and i wan't to make sure my motherboard has at least two pci 2.0 16x lane slots - is that practical, someone sent me a link in another post about pci-e scaling do you have any experience with that. Also i keep seeing asus mobo's pop up what are the main makers of those. i know cpus are amd and intel should be able to get one of those for around $100 right?

    btw all those 9600 gt are out of stock thats the exact old one i used to have..

    p.s. I dont think i'll have to spend $500 since i already have a gpu and power supply that link you sent me had a cpu for 119 and a motherboard for $60 add a $40 case and im under $225
  9. :lol: you will need to upgrade your mobo cpu ram to run an i52500k or i7 2600k, what gpu do you have, you mean the i5 2500k? what case do you have? the tt psu is not the greatest btw... I think your expectations are a bit off you will need to upgrade your entire system to go from a pentium d to a Sandy Bridge chip
  10. read my whole post
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    well after reading your whole post my advice is to upgrade your entire system before buying a new gpu or go with something along the lines of a 5670 (6670) but honestly that cpu is holding you back so like Ive said several times, save for a new build, that is, before upgrading your current gpu since your system will likely not make much use of its power with your lowly cpu
  12. i guess i wasn't clear.. im not upgrading my cpu and i already have bought a 570gtx. I was talking about a new build. whats your preference as far as intel or amd goes? Same with motherboards
  13. what is the budget for your total system and what do you want, what you say in your first post and your second post is conflicting, if you want an entire build then give the budget for the entire build, I still think you are underestimating prices, also 16x16 lanes would only really be of use with gtx 570 sli or higher, otherwise you are perfectly fine running 8x8 which is what SB runs on, its 16X4X that you want to avoid
  14. Whats SB, and my budgets around $250-$300 more if I wait longer which i dont want to do. when you say 8x8 thats 2.0 obviously right which means the signal is bi-directional. How exactly does that work do you just have part of the video card hanging off or what?

    Edit: I'm guessing its Southbridge
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