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Wasn't sure exactly where to put this so I tried here. Tonight my sound went out for no reason, and my motherboard was not responding to sound saying I had no speaker plugged in when I had it. After hours of searching, I eventually replugged in the 10 pin hd audio into my Asus P6T Motherboard and was able to get sound again. However, the quality is exactly the same for the left, but on the right it is scratchy when I do test. I have tested through various headphones and my speakers and have had the same problem. I tried replugging the 10 pin again but I still maintain the same problem. Any assistance would be appreciated.
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  1. Update: I went into the bios and swapped to AC 97 and plug directly to the front of my computer and there are no problems anymore with sound. Not sure what happened but as long as I get sound I am good.
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    Might be losing the HD part of your soundcard? Just stay with AC97. You can always get a soundcard if you need it.
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  4. Cool, thanks for the advice, I may just end up getting a soundcard in the future.
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