Why me banned?

I am being short:

Why, when I want to post a comment to a new, it says, I am banned? I registered today and there is no bad comments I left or anything.

Very strange
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  1. I see the message

    The_Prophecy has banned you (Section : News comments)

    Reason of the sanction : TOS Violation (Racism)

    Very nice... I wrote most of which China produces is cancer causing garbage. Since when is it racist?
    What kind of dumbass banned me? I have been reading THW since 2000, but never registered. Where is the freedom of speech
  2. Court system dont work well, but if someone named The_Prophecy bans me, I can freak out. Tell him to change the nickname. Before someone can ban someone, there must be a decision made by a 3rd party, otherwise there is no way you can prevent something like this from happenning.
  3. You weren't banned because of a comment about China. You were banned because you made a racist comment in the article titled:
    QOTD: Do You Think the Word 'Piracy' is Too Sexy?
  4. Well I am a third party and I saw the post in question. I would have done the same.
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