How are these temps?

I ran prime 95 for a little while yesterday and my temps were around 73 celcius for the CPU. I'm playing bf3 and running fraps, chrome, HWmonitor and my temps are around 60-65 C for my cpu cores and my gpu is peaking at 70 C.

My specs are in the signature and all cooling is by fans. Stock cpu and gpu fans and some case fans. Let me know, thanks.
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  1. temps are perfectly fine. prime 95 temps won't be seen outside of stress testing.

    BF3 is notorious for high temps on both CPU and GPU. At 60-65 cpu and 70 GPU, you're doing awesome. If you can get the temps lower, like with watercooling, you might be able to get better overclocks. Other than that, they way they are now are perfectly fine. Just make sure they don't rise too much over time. Heatsinks have a way of collecting dust.
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