Gaming rig to play Skyrim and Crysis 2 and other games of the same ilk

I am looking to purchase either this PC:

I'm debating whether to go with the faster clocked CPU and lower graphic card or to purchase the system with the 6770 graphics card. I would like to play on the highest settings possible; but with great framerates at least in the 40s. Also, the Cpu's are a point of contention. If you guys could help i would be greatful. :)
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  1. Yeah sorry about that. It first said that this message didnt go through then I clicked post again and didnt realize I already posted the same basic message.
  2. Go with the i5 and the HD 6770 card if you are a gamer. WAY better! Btw...

    I have a nearly new custom built Athlon II X3 3.2GHZ w/HD 5770 520W PSU for sale on ebay if you're interested. With links to my games' benchmarks for comparison.
  3. Thanks for the offer man but I have decided on what I wanted. I chose the 3.6 Gzh computer system, BUT I am purchasing a 6850 1Gb to replace the 6670 1Gb the day I get the machine I will swap them. But I would like to know if the 3.6 Gzh CPU computer's MOBO and PSU can support the 6850 1Gb. I need to know this. Cuz with this card I will be playing on the highest settings possible. Mainly all high so; is it possible for a 450 Watt or whatever one it is to support the 6850? also, someone mentioned a possible fire hazard or something; I guess it was figurative but I need to know if the system is under powered and if it would run cool as I game hardcore. Of course i will upgrade it and add fans over the next few months.
  4. A properly built system with good quality components is never a fire hazard. Usually a too small PSU simply can't keep the voltage up, and the system shuts down. That's all. To accurately judge the size PSU required, you need to know the power requirements of the rest of the system's components. Use a good PSU calculator like the one below. 450W seems marginal to me, but more than likely it will do the job.
  5. Thanks man. I do not know all of the components Wattage, but for what I do know I selected them on that website you replied with and at 90% load it said at least a 560 Watt PSU. : o so I guess I will need to swap the PSU also? and if i'm playing Skyrim or Crysis on high settings and 1080p or 720p resolution do you think that I would go over the current PSU's wattage?
  6. Not only is the total WATTage important, but so is the +12V rail's AMPerage capacity. 480W PSUs probably don't allow more than 25A on the combined +12V rail(s). Like I said, it will be marginal when the total system is stressed out. If you start getting shutdowns or reboots, you will know you need a larger PSU for the HD 6850. I believe the HD 6850 alone requires something like 127W maxed out. I have no way of knowing how much graphical demand individual games require in wattage or amps.
  7. Alright. It will need uprgrades then.. but on ther other hand I have been thinking if I should just throw down another hundred or so bucks and get everything I would need from CyberpowerPC. Such as this one:

    It has everything, with a few tweaks, I think I would have exactly what I am looking for. Minus a few things I could do to it next year. The only thing is I'm not really sure if I could do it or not. : \
  8. To each his own. Buying a gaming computer is somewhat of a personal choice. Only you know what's important to you. Myself...
    I would chose the i5-2320 Newegg machine over the others*, and buy an upgraded video card. (You can always sell the HD6770 on ebay as new if you don't like it) Gaming at 1680x1050 or less the 6770 will be adequate. 1920x1080 and up, you'll want more card.
  9. Alright man. Thank you for the help. I appreciate it. I will take into consideration the i5 machine.
    Also, you think that 4Gb. of 1333Mzh Ram is good for games?
  10. hardwareman11 said:
    Alright man. Thank you for the help. I appreciate it. I will take into consideration the i5 machine.
    Also, you think that 4Gb. of 1333Mzh Ram is good for games?

    From what I've read and from personal experience, yes. If you're serious about gaming, you're not going to be multitasking other apps while gaming anyway.
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