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I've decided on a CPU upgrade and checked the CPU support list for my N68C-S UCC Mobo. It says it supports a 78.5W Athlon x3 455 but not a 95W version. I thought this was very strange as I didn't even know you could get 78.5W CPU's!
Just wondered if anyone could clear this up.


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  1. Some older oem boards won't even run 95w cpus; their limit is 89 watts. You can try the 95w cpu, but don't be surprised if it doesn't post. It won't hurt anything to try it.
  2. Thanks, the weird thing is though, on the support list, it supports loads of 95W CPU's... I've heard it can run it and there is a deal you can get on newegg with my Mobo and that CPU so it must be compatible. Guess I'll just try it...
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