Pc wont boot with new ram

hi,i recently got some new ram its OCZ 2GB sticks 2 of those and im currently running on 2GB of ram (2x1GB) and wanting to upgrade but whenever i put in my new ram the pc wants to boot but just wont do it and i cant understand why ,ive read some older posted and i just cant find whats going on , my mother board is a gigabyte ma78gpm-ds2h currently running on a 2008 bios and no clue what to do to update it , please help
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  1. did you try just using the 2 new OCZ 2GB sticks?
  2. yes it tries and tries to boot and wont do it, ive downloaded my most recent bios http://uk.gigabyte.com/products/product-page.aspx?pid=2859&dl=1#bios and it gives me two files to unpack but thats all it does , im new to all this and dont have a clue what to do , thanks for the reply
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