Xp to window's 7 transfer files on hard drive

how do you transfer XP hard drive files to new computer running Window's 7 and how do you open these XP files on new Window's 7 computer?
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  1. Hello john 1;

    You can usually attach an old hard drive to the new computer to copy files across to the new hard drive.

    For basic types of files like pictures or music you'll have Windows 7 programs that can do that for you.
    For opening files you created - you'd use the same program that created the files to open them.
  2. I have not transferred all the files, yet. I only want certain ones, but I cannot open the files that are on the old hard drive which is XP. How can I open these files on the new computer using Window's 7?
  3. What type of files are they?
  4. WR2 said:
    What type of files are they?

    the Files are documents and other files , thing like pic and embroidery files and pic
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