No POST, beep, monitor....

My newly built PC will not POST, beep or show something on the monitor. I only use one or two sticks of RAM, the CPU and the on-board VGA. Here's the setup

Asus P8Z77-M PRO, Z77, LGA1155, PCI-E 3.0
Intel Core i5 3470 BOX, LGA 1155
Kingston HyperX Blu, 2x8GB, DDR3-1600, CL10@1.5V
be quiet! Pure Power CM L9, 620 Watt, 80 plus Bronze
Thermaltake V4 black edition case.

When I add one or two sticks of RAM the MemOK! button blinks a few times and then if I press it it goes through the check cycle. At the end it blinks again a few times,all fans running fine but no POST or image. If I remove both sticks I get the normal beeps when no memory is installed. Otherwise I get no beeps or anything. I think there are more blinks when I have both sticks on, but does not matter which one of the two. Strange thing is that this is with the replacement motherboard, the previous one did manage to turn on once, but did not see if it enumerated the memory...

For the previous problem I had I described it here . After assuming it is the motherboard, I took it out, packaged it and went to the seller. Before that I checked the pins and they were all fine. At the seller, he checked the pins again and they were fine. He gave me a return receipt and told me if I wanted to get the motherboard right away to go to another outlet of the same chain. He packed the board and at the other outlet, the employee found some pins bent! I am pretty sure when I packed the MB there were no bent pins (otherwise I would straighten them). So the second employee refused to take it back unless I paid for the repair... sigh... Anyway, I paid for the repair and got a replacement boad. Will write a complaint letter and ask for a refund....
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  1. I should have mentioned that breadboarding is no different...
  2. Any help with this would be highly appreciated!
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