My case is incomplete :(

hello i have a tower and i bought it with left side of the case missing . i was thinking to buy new case but i like this one ! anybody know if i can buy from somewhere just that bit? thanks
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  1. Yes you can. Usually from the case manufacturer.
  2. i dont really know who is that... i bouth it second hand and the guy promise me that he's gonna bring the side for me and he never did... how can i found out who is the manufacture? :(
  3. There should be a label or other marking with the make and model number.
  4. What does it look like? lol there probably is some labeling on it.
  5. Post a pic, we may be able to identify it, or suggest an alternative solution
    like making up a replacement
  6. i found... it said advent personal computer model PQD 4003 MADE IN CHINA ... but i dont think that is about the case.. maybe is about the pc inside... i dont know.... i try to find online something like that and i couldnt .. please help :(
  7. and the other label is from microsoft.. i think is with the windows...
    i dont know how to upload a picture here ....
  8. You got it second hand, did you get it off ebay?
  9. no i bought it from a shop ... on central drive blackpool
  10. my case is nice.... i wish it was complete as well :(
    i dont know how to upload a pic...
  11. go to the shop, every day if needed, don't let them get away with it.

  12. Does it look like this ?
  13. i did for few times after he said dont come again because i dont have it .. i bought it very cheap .... so i kinda knew that is like that.. :(
  14. yes that is it ;) wow where did you find it ...
  15. So its actually an off the shelf pre-built system by a company called advent and not just a case, when you say cheap, how cheap exactly ?
  16. sweetsebastian82 said:
    yes that is it ;) wow where did you find it ...
  17. 90 £ it was ...
  18. on my computer proprieties... said
    manufacturer hewlett- packard
    procesor intel pentium dual cpu 2160 1.80 ghz
    instaled memory 4 gb ram
    64 operating system no pen imput
  19. Was the OS pre-installed, if it was then yes its relatively cheap what else did you get with the deal monitor etc etc ?

    As for the side panel, your out of luck as its old tech so your only choice will be to make one which is easier than it sounds.
  20. that shop is like a money traders ...
  21. i got just the tower nothing else
    and it was some os in it.. but i put different now windows 7 ultimate... and still not running how i expected... lots of questions i have.... too many .. but i started with the easier one .. :P how can i make one ?
  22. i have some people around me .. which they know about computers but they charge me quite a lot for some things like general grafic card instalations or things like that.. and i preffer to read myself or ask than pay to these people :(
  23. To make another side panel you can use the side you do have as a template as the sides are normally reversible, then you can make the extra out of a sheet of aluminium as its easier to work with.

    Oh and £90 just for the tower is to much money you should of only paid around the £50 mark.
  24. Hey, if you're happy with the tower, don't let the price you paid for it bother you.
  25. By 'the tower' do you mean the tower and all the bits inside, cpu, ram etc. or just the box.

    Advent is/was currys own brand PC I think, in which case its possible that partmaster might be able to supply, or look for someone on ebay selling the same case only, because they'll have upgraded to another case.
  26. Or pick up a cheap case from ebay and transfer the hardware into it, probably your easiest option
  27. i dont really wanna change it ... i like my case... and yes it was a intel dual core 1.8 ghz precessor and 4 gb ram 250 hard drive... for 90 £ . i was happy with the price.. and i want now to take care of it .. i mean .. put a side pannel put a grafic card... and instal proper drivers.. because i think that is why is not working how it should be because i just instal windows 7 . and not the right drivers for every part..
    i am not that good with all these details.. and i was getting ready for all the other question one by one after this firs one with the case...
    :( i think my sata hard drive is faulty ... and the cable ide which conects the other hard and the dvd is very old .. this is what a friend told me ..
    now i dont know... all this .. :(
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