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Fx4100 problem

I just notice I have only 2 active cores showing on the Cpu is there any thing i did setting wise a day ago it had all 4 cores?
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  1. Go into bios and enable all cores.
  2. ok I was a bit worried would it be under advance option only running on 2 cores they jump all over the place I just notice my time is off too ^.^ I enable unlock cores but nothing I'm not sure whats going on
  3. it shows all 4 in Device manager in all 4 cores in the bios but not the Taske manager All I did was move my sata cables behind the Drive bays so more Air flow can make its way to the mobo I'm going try to Reset to Default settings also HWmonitor only shows 2 Cores use to show all 4 but with wrong temps ^.^
  4. ? you going help or just laugh at me man
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    That was a laugh-with-you "lol".

    Try clearing your CMOS yet?
  6. ill give that try in get back to you
  7. im just going Reinstall windows 7 I had some bs errors any ways back to reinstalling all my games I don't think its my cpu since bios shows its a 4 core but Core temp reconize it as a BE processor for some odd reason
  8. Wonder if i got a virus on my other hard drive just put in my sata 2.5 inch bay 300g and it shows all 4 cores Im just going use this one in update all drives the other one is old any ways it was giving me to many errors WMI and many more
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