URGENT Transferring Files Freezes/Lags! URGENT

Hey everyone!

I have an Sony Vaio S Series with i7 and Crucial M4 256GB SSD. Whenever I transfer an large file via USB3.0 to my External Hard Drive, the speed sometimes lags.

Like the transfer speed would be around 100MB/S, but it would stay at that speed for some seconds and the status indicator would not move, just sits there. Then after the few seconds, it would continue transferring at USB3.0 speeds.

Please help! I am desperate.

I have updated the Intel USB 3.0 eXensible Host Driver and still freezes.

I also tried my USB 2.0 port and the speed freezes and status bar freezes as well.

When the speed is freezing, I see the External Hard Drive indicator light copying but the status indicator is not moving. My laptop also take an long time to load Chrome when this occurs...

Also, something else I noticed.

When I copy an file from External Hard Drive to my SSD, there is no lag/freeze. But the speed is slower.

When I cop an file from SSD to External Hard Drive, the speed goes up to around 200MB/Sec, freeze/lag, and then drop to around 100MB/Sec, and then continue, and then lag/freeze, and then drop to around 80MB/Sec...

I tried copying the same 4.86GB file to the External Hard Drive (WD 500GB My Passport and Hitachi 500GB HDD with Enclosure) to another laptop with USB3.0 and there is no lag/freeze, but the speed is slower...

Does it have to do with my Chipset?

Happy New Year though!
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  1. I think it jas more to do with... The part where the ssd transfer rate is too fast for the external drive. Maybe it floads ot with too much data, would there be anyway you could slow the transfer rate?
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