Core Temp?

Is this normal?

I got a Zalman Z9+ and it has a built in CPU Temperature? and it says 31 C

But the temp in the CORE TEMP PROG. shows different -_-
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  1. Kind of high for idle temps, try HW monitor.
  2. looks ok to me, remember the zalmans reading point will be further away from the heat source, and it will be lower, just due to the physics of the situation
  3. I tried HW Monitor still the same =_= maybe i should clean my pc up once a month O: since its pretty hot in here in our country around 28-34++C Room temp.
  4. Temps look fine to me since they aren't idle temps(5% load)
  5. Right now i checked my idle temps

    Is that OK so far? -_- i'm worried...

    I notice one thing the "Watts" keeps on changing

    Btw this is my heatsink "Xion HP-1216B Heatpipe Cool Copper Heatsink and Fan"

  6. Alt tabbed while playing BF3 on1920x1080p +ULTRA MAX settings to check load temp -_-
  7. You're still doing fine temp wise imo.
    I see no red flags concerning temps.
  8. I am with davcon on this one, your temps are just fine.

    You may be able to lower it a bit with the fan set faster(if the bios has an option to run full speed)? but why bother those temps are well within specs.

    Do not worry about the "watts" moving. The cpu will lower its speed and voltage at idle and only push as hard as it needs to when it is doing things.
  9. Is it really normal?

    I always run at 35-40C everyday

    and when under load i get about 45-55+c i haven't see 60 C i'm not sure though

    btw i always use my computer EVERYDAY..
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