Whats connected to my sata port?

My motherboard has 3 sata ports. i know 2 are connected to my optical drive and hard drive but i cant figure out what the third one is connected to. Is there some way i can look in Windows to see what its connected to?
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  1. It' probably connected to nothing! Where do you get the information from, that your mobo has 3 sata ports? That would be very unusual.
  2. You may have a front port(or even back plane) E-SATA port that would be connected to the board.
  3. @noidea_77 I only see the 3 on top of the board and my manual only lists those to. there is a cord in there but im not sure if was one i just didnt end up using (cant find where the end is because its behind the drive cages) and i can just unplug and put my old hard drive in or if is needed for something.
  4. Nevermind (went retarded again) found the others. Thanks yall :)
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