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Bios HDD password reset

I have a a M series gateway laptop with a ( DA0SA1MB6E0 ) Motherboard. There is a password set in the BIOS that I am not able to clear. I tried removing the cmos battery with no Luck. There are what I think are test points near the battery that I tried shorting with no luck. I have also tried backdoor passwords with no success. Am I missing something or is there another procedure to clear the password.

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  1. Because we can not prove, that you are the legal owner of the laptop, we are unable to help you! Read the forum rules and ask the legal owner or gateway support for the password.
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    There are no backdoor passwords.

    Your only option is to contact Gateway for help. Be prepared to provide proof of ownership.

    How do you forget a password you would need every time to access "your" system?
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