PSU issue :x

Hi everybody.

Here's a quick brief:
Building some simple NAS with this specific hardware.

*ASUS AT5IONT-I +4GB ram form QVL
*Corsair CX430m

And here's my problem:
Motherboard have 24pin connector and no 4 pin CPU power connector. It powers just fine with my picoPSU (from some other project), however when I switch it to Corsair CX430m 20pins or 20+4 pins it does not power up at all :/ It seem like 20 pin connector from Corsair has one blank pin while picoPSU doesn't have any however I think that +4pin connector should complement with power necessary to boot up. However its not the case. Any ideas what am I missing? Browsed through manuals and didn't find anything:?

Very respectfully.

PS. Im at home tonight and tomorrow so willing to provide pictures, specs of complete rig, and try every possible idea.
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  1. should boot up just fine, have you tested the corsair on your other build?
  2. Allright.

    Tested PSU as recommended (it took a while because i don't have any desktop rigs anymore therefore needed to go to my friends house). It ended up being bad PSU.

    Thanks for the help.
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