Need help choosing a motherboard

I'm getting an i5-3570K, 7850 with 2GB and 8GB of ddr3-1600 ram. What is the cheapest motherboard that will get the job done? or is that the wrong way to look at it, does a better motherboard actually have extra features?
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  1. well their is different tiered chipsets that support different thinks then there is different tiers for every chipset which is basically the difference between the amount of usb ports, built in wireless, msata, thunderbolt, amount of pci-e lanes, ocerclcoking features, audio and usb third party chipsets, LAN port. this will help differentiate them
    if you want to overclock i would get z68, z75 or z77, if you want to crossfire in the future i would get z77. you dont need a high end z77 board so i recommend getting an asrock extreme4
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