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I am asking the question in this way for simplicity sake. I figure if I ask what is the best MoBo, the answer might inlcude stuff not on Cyberpower. But I'm also just interested what you all would configure for $1500 at Cyberpower. I pretty much know I'm gonna get around a GeForce 570, 8 Gigs of RAM, and an i5-2500K. I'm more interested in what everyones thoughts are about cases, mobos, etc. Also, maybe you guys think an SLI or Crossfire solution is better? Anyway thanks in advance for your comments and suggestions. Also, if you guys don't think the 570 is a good choice for this budget, please let me know about that too.
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  1. My sig is what I'd get for $1500. Since Cyberpower is more expensive, without the SSD maybe.
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