Ground a motherboard?

Hi all,
Just a quick question. I'm building an HTPC and putting it in an antique silverware case. The case is made of wood, I'll be running the OS off a usb, and I'll have a GT430 gpu, and 1 or 2 small fans for ventilation.
The Question:
Do I need to set up some kind of ground to discharge static electricity?
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  1. the motherboard grounds itself through the motherboard standoffs so you can put a ground wire on one of your stand offs and ground it to your power supply mounting screw
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    If the socket is grounded, and the PSU plug has a ground prong, then it should be OK.
  3. i was wrong, alexoiu is right, the case i saw with that set up was an anomaly
  4. I'm sorry but I don't understand "the socket is grounded". Do you mean the wall socket? The psu Does have a ground plug.
  5. Yes, the wall socket, if the PSU is plugged directly in the wall socket.
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