PC keeps shutting down at startup, mobo issue?

First of all, I apologize if I'm not posting this in the right category, wasn't sure where to go with this one.

I have an ancient Gateway Essential 550 minitower (Intel MLX board with Slot 1 P3), and the problems I'm having are different than the other PC shutdown thread. Sometimes I'll press the power button and the computer will shut off almost might do this 2 or 3 times in a row before it finally starts. Once started, it runs like a champ and never shuts down on it's own, never gives me any problems.

I"ve heard that bad power supplies can cause a computer to shut down, but all of the cases I've read talk about the computer shutting down intermittently while in use; that never happens to me, only when I first go to start it. I know it's not related to o/s, because it's happened with both Win2000 and XP. I know it's not memory, because I've substituted differerent sticks of ram with no difference. No leaking or bulging caps on the mobo.

What do you think, guys? Is the ol' Intel on it's way out? If not, what else might it be?
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  1. it could be a motherboard setting, try setting everything to default in your BIOS and clearing your CMOS
  2. Thanks vanwazltoff. I do have a question about that, though; if I follow those steps, will that take my bios version back to original (meaning that I'd have to reflash it)?
  3. no not reflash it, remove the power cord, take out the little battery for minutes and press the power button a few times to discharge the board completely then put the battery back in and plug in the the power cord and turn it on
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    *5 minutes
  5. Going to sound crazy, but make sure your powerbutton is not getting stuck when you press it in. Mine did that, and it drove me bonkers until I figured it out. The machine would boot, then quickly turn off if the button gets stuck
  6. Ok guys....I did the cmos clearing trick and I also removed the front panel so I could activate the switch directly (in case it was sticking); still having the same problem. What do you think?

    Here's something really strange; I'm running one 128 mb stick of ram...before it showed up as non-ECC in bios, now it shows up as ECC.
  7. I thought I'd update this one; it was the mobo. I subsituted another ps and it did the same thing...apparently the ps's protection was activating, preventing startup. Oh, and the problem was getting alot worse too, so it was definitely on it's last legs.

    Thanks for your help guys, I do appreciate it.
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