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I recently built a new computer and I am having a hard time deciding which graphics card to go with. I'm going to be using 3 acer 21.5 in monitors in portrait mode. I now if I go with nvidia ill need two in sli, and for ati I only need one. I have been looking and have found a couple of options to go with, 1 hd 6950, 2 gtx 560 or 560 ti's in sli, gtx 460 2win or 2 6950 in crossfire. I don't know, I've never had a crossfire or sli setup before. There are only a couple of games that I play including,
hawx2, fsx, CoD,and couple other.
I have a sea sonic x650 power supply, Asus z68 v pro motherboard, 2400 i5, 8 gigs gskill memory, Corsair 400r case, and h50 cooler, 2 crucial ssd 64g in raid 0, and 1 wd 640 for storage. I have been looking at different cards now for weeks. Can anyone help me out with this, or is there a better option. I don't really want to spend more than 450 to 500. Less would always be better...
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  1. You could always have a look at the GTX560Ti X5 but I don't know how much that would cost where you are.
  2. Just Looked that up, not many good reviews for that card, no sli bridge so I can't add another in the future. And at 350' for a gtx 560 ? Seems a little high for a single 560...
  3. I didn't say it was cheap but like the GTX295 or GTX590 it's the only other single Nvidia card that can run 3 monitors without needing to be SLi'd.
  4. I really Dont have a problem with going with sli or crossfire. I'm trying to get the best performance out of it also.. Don't know if thats enough to run that many screens at a high resolution and do it well.
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