Windows 7 won't start after memory upgrade attempt

Hello, i wanted to upgrade memory and was checking to see which one to buy, my lap top was only recognizing 1gb of memory. i had previously bought a 2gb stick and had a 1gb stick . i opened it up the 2gb was not in correctly so i put it in. and closed back up the computer started up correctly, but it still did not recognize the 2gb stick for a total of 3gb, so i thought maybe they were not compatible so i took out the 1gb stick and left in the 2gb stick, and that is when my problem started. windows won't start, blue screen says due to new hardware. when do f8 for safe mode it does not even go into safe mode... what can be be problem
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  1. Might be an issue if its an older laptop. Older laptops support DDR2 and new memory is DDR3. Make sure that the type of memory and the motherboard in your laptop support DDR3, or DDR2. If not then you can find some cheap DDR2 memory on amazon.
  2. If you see something on the laptop then it is not a incompatible memory stick.
    Try setting the frequency of the ram cards in the bios.
    Please provide more info like ram cards specs and laptop name for better assistance.
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