Graphics Artifacting with GTX560

Hey everyone, I've got a new system build that's having some serious graphical problems within games. Multiple games are showing similar effects, it seems to be some sort of heavy texture-flickering. The games tend to start out running fine, and after a few minutes it starts up, and then gets worse over time. To describe the flickering more, it goes between the proper model textures and bright, blown-out looking artifacting.

The computer is:
Core i5 2500k
MSI P67A-C43
Windows 7 64

I've been searching around for answers and troubleshooting the best I know how, but haven't made any progress. If anybody can help you'd be a lifesaver!
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    Is it a factory overclocked 560? If so, you may need to 'underclock' it. I have a friend with a 560 Ti that had the same problem. He had to turn down the voltage and now its working fine. You could also RMA the card in for an upgrade if its from MSI. I just recently RMA'd one of my MSI cards due to green artifacts. They upgraded it for free.
  2. Lyden, many thanks! Underclocking it did indeed fix the problem. I'm considering RMAing the card to hopefully get one that works as intended, but it's great to know what the problem is and be able to work around it.
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