Raid 0 using different onboard sata controllers?

I have a z77x-ud5h which has a few different options for connecting sata drives.

Here is the link to the motherboard specs:

I want to connect 4 vertex 4 120gb solid state drives:

The intel chipset has 2x 6gb/sec and 4x 3gb/sec ports. The Marvell chipset has 3x 6gb/sec and and esata port.

Is it possible to use both of the Intel ports and 2 of the Marvell ports to have a 4-way SSD Raid 0 setup? Or would it be better to get 6 old SSDs for cheap and just use the intel chipset for RAID and connect my larger 1TB drives to the marvell chipset?

Whatever you think is fastest just I need some help deciding if it will all work.
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  1. Unfortunately you won't be able to use Intel and Marvell controllers in the same RAID configuration.
    And you can not set two RAID at the same time in Intel and Marvell controllers.
    So you can consider the later one.
  2. Yes you can. I just made 2 raids on mine. Raid 0 for system drive, on Intel controller. And i made a Marvel Raid 0, for storage.
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