My intel gma 3150 need help

Hello comuity once again i just bought a new pc and i need some help with the drivers.I installed the latest driver for intel gma 3150 and processor etc. but i got a issue with video card.I play League of Legends very much and the problem is that
my fps is 20 at beast on evrthing on low and i notice that at the end of the game when nexus are geting destroyed my fps raises to 60 so i need help to improve fps in all games.
Here are my pc specs:
CPU:Intel Atom Dual Core(2 core) 1.8
GPU:Intel Graphics Media Accelator 3150 256 of ram
RAM:2 GB DDR3 Kingston Value 1333 mhz
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  1. Just i really want to know how to resolve my video issues cause my nvidia geforce fx5200 on my achent pc works beather for games then this
  2. The Intel GMA 3150 is weak to begin with and Intel graphic cores are not really meant to play games. It's no surprise the GeForce FX 5200 is faster.

    I never played LOL, but if you want better performance, then you need to install a video card of some sort depending on your budget.

    It wan't until recently that Intel actually produced a graphic core that would be considered acceptable for gaming. That is the Intel HD 3000 graphic core is found in specific Core i3/i5/i7 CPUs; yes the graphic core it built inside the CPU. It is slightly more powerful than the desktop version of the Radeon HD 5450.
  3. ok ty but would like more replays from others
  4. can i upgrade my current video card to ati or nvidia
  5. It looks like you have a netbook am I correct?

    If so, then you cannot. All (as in 100%) netbook have no options to upgrade the graphics card.

    For future referrence, nearly all (I would guess at least 98%) laptops have no options to upgrade the graphic card either. The only laptops that might have this capability would be gaming laptops which generally starts at $1,500.


    If you have a desktop, then it should be possible, but I don't know of any desktops with an Intel Atom CPU.
  6. Jaguarskx is right,

    the netbooks are not upgradable and you wont get any better gaming performance than you already have from it.

    upgrading your graphics card (nvidia or ati) is something only possiable in desktop computers.

    Gaming laptops are avaliable but for a 1/2 decent one $1500 is your starting point.

    Yes the computer with the FX5200 will kick your netbook's ass at games
    can you post it's specs and we can reccommend some upgrades for it if you like.
  7. ofc but i have the a desktop pc and i posted specs at the begging of thread 2bg of ram ddr 3,intel atom dual core and intel gma 3150 motherboard is TIGD-C13
  8. If it is a desktop PC with an Intel Atom CPU, then it is possible to install a video card if there is enough space. What you have is actually called a "Nettop" since the Intel Atom CPU is meant for netbooks.

    In any case, I don't think you can upgrade a "nettop" since all the ones I have seen has very slim cases. Too slim to even fit a low-profile video card.

    Post a link of what you have.
  9. i cant find the dam cassing link but it is a normal pc cassing but the motherboard is tiny but there is a free pci slot big enouth for a video card
  10. and dud can u help about linux i installed it and when i try to switch to gui with startx or ALT+F7 shows some error but i intalled it in gui mode so i know that i have hui installed
  11. one more thing can u recomend me this best drivers for intel gma 3150 cause the newst ones for intal gma 3150 are just plain crap
  12. You need to verify if the slot you mentioned is PCI or PCI-e. PCI slots are an old standard probably dating back to either late 1980's or early 1990's. The PCI-e slot was introduced either in 2003 or 2004. PCI-e cards will not fit in a PCI slot.

    You probably need to upgrade the power supply (PSU) as well. I assume the PSU you currently have is only 150w - 220w.

    I have no experience with Linux. And since you mentioned Linux, you want to by a nVidia graphics card due to better Linux driver support.

    The best driver for your Intel GMA 3150 is whatever is current. Intel graphic cores are not really meant for playing games. Intel's graphic cores has always focused on graphics for business use. This has changed recently though with the Intel HD 3000 graphics core on certain Core i3/i5/i7 CPU models. The Intel HD 3000 is slightly faster than a desktop Radeon HD 5450 card. Pretty weak for games on a desktop, but acceptable for a laptop solution if your expectations are low.
  13. ok but i have a pci express slot sry forgot to add express
  14. nvm im runing on windows 7 now
  15. dud can i put ati hd 5450 on this motherboard i have a free pci slot not shir if it is express
  16. You can install a Radeon HD 5450 as long as you have a PCI-e slot. The performance is very low though. The current Intel HD 3000 graphic core found in some of their Core i3/i5/i7 CPUs is just as faster or a little faster than a Radeon HD 5450.
  17. Core i3 are really expensive in my country it costs like 220 euros but ati randoen 5450 512 ram ddr 3 just good enouth for games i play like wow,LoL,HoN and i want to bea ble to play Dota 2 costs 30 euros +i can buy a dual core 2.8 for 31 euros more
  18. Fair enough. I wasn't telling you to actually buy new CPU and motherboard. Just saying that Intel has managed to catchup to a low end Radeon HD desktop graphic card.
  19. ok but one question even if the free slot is 16x express and not 32 it should be able to still put the video card but there will be some preformance issues right ?cause i dont know what my pci express slot x is
  20. o and my power supply is 600 W
  21. Download sherry 1.3 its a modded driver for intel gma 3150 and it is way more powerful than the original intel gma 3150
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