Asus A7V880 scrap or build on it.


I have this motherboard an Asus A7V880 (link to specs)

Years later I realized that it was not the most archaic of motherboards.

I am still tossing around the idea of building a cheap linux box, htpc, or a cheap gaming system, or just trying to keep this MB in play somehow.
actually this came to me after I posted this thead... thanks to coffee...

I have a FAVI 800x600 projector maybe an idea for this motherboard is a third life as a
linux jukebox/streambox for this projector, something to run geiss or some other visualization
at 800x600

Are there any other great places to get deals on gently used PC parts.

Similar to ebay but more one stop shopping with maybe some kind of return policy?!!?

Want/need list includes

AMD Barton Processor
PC3200 RAM
AGP 8x Video card
DVD Rom for fun

Have list:
FAVI 800x600 pjojector
1400 Athlon xp
80mm Fans Galore
old RAM
Generic Power Supply
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  1. Sounds like a lot of hassle for not a lot of gain IMHO.

    Finding that kit cheaper than throwing together a new system with oodles more power just doesn't seem likely.
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