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My laptop is an ASUS n53J and it has 4 gig of ram (2x2GB). It has 4 slots. I want to replace the 4gb of ram with 2x4GB ram. But I was thinking of not removing the 4GB ram and add another 8GB for a total of 12GB of ram. The configuration would be 2x2GB and 2x4GB.
Will it work or I am better having 2x4GB running at dual channel?
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  1. Are you sure there are four RAM slots in that laptop?

    I check the specifications-it has only two so that you can only use the RAM up to 8GB (2x4GB).
  2. I am sure, I already opened the back of the laptop and also checked it on CPU-Z. I think it is a ASUS N53Jq.
  3. Because you post it for N53j, but for the n53jq you can just add the other 2x4Gb to it. The laptop can use up to 16GB RAM. As long s you run the RAM in the pairs then they will run at dual channel.
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