Gtx 460 vs gtx 560 (non ti)

Ok so im upgrading my 5770 which is basically dead now and ive gotten some mixed reviews for both the gtx 460 and 560 ti. I found a deal for a new 460 at around 150-160 or a used 560 for $180. I play games on a samsung 23" monitor at 1920x1080 res and i love to have highest settings. Which should i get? i know the 560 pulls better shades and fps but is it really worth the difference?
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  1. Look in your other thread.
  2. gtx 560ti would be your best bet. I wouldn't recommend not getting the non-ti since its only 10 bucks cheaper
  3. so no 460 im guessing. should i buy used or new? im kind of on a budget and would prefer spending less. waht price range should i be looking at for a 560ti?
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    I said in your other post that you should go with the 6870.It's cheaper and it's new.It's just as fast if not faster than the GTX560.
  5. awesome thx!
  6. Welcome.

    You should answer some of the questions in that other thread.
  7. im new to toms hardware so im trying to understand how to get around the threads i posted.
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  9. It should be displayed in the box on the top right.
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