Need Help with a reformat... system reboots when i plug drives in usb


I'm fixing a compaq 310v for a friend. A virus screwed this machine 100 ways sideways. So I figured I could just reformat the drive, install windows, and install drivers from the HP website.

Good thing I backed up what I could because now, anytime I plug in an external drive like a flash drive or a mass storage drive, the system reboots giving this error from BSOD

stop: 0x00000050

the mobo inside says it is a microstar MS 6541... I have downloaded the appropriate drivers from HP's website for both xp pro and home yet to no avail. I'd really like to avoid buying the $30 recovery disk.

I've read in other threads that the system could be rebooting due to a bad power supply... is that possible? because before the reformat, the usb slots were working fine. I've tried the front and rear ports and no matter which one i choose, the system reboots.

anyone experience this please help
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  1. now its giving me this code


    thanks church but that article didnt help much, i ran memtest and chkdsk and everything seems to be ok... if its not the chipset driver or controller driver, I have no clue what else would cause a reboot from plugging in usb devices
  2. Check device manager for yellow exclamation points or other signs windows knows something is bad. If you don't find anything then look a a device that has been misdetected (i.e. device found and driver installed before you put in the updated drivers. Each USB device pulls in its own drivers. Delete anything in device manager that look remotely bad - it'll be re-installed the next time it's foudn with the latest driver.

    p.s. if you has USB devices other than keyboard and mouse plugged in during install of windows then you may need to re-do the install. Don't know why, but I've seen this and hangs before if network, external drives or especially for XP firewire drives are plugged in during install.

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