Hp pavilion laptop wont work

Hello, my HP pavilion laptop slopped working. Was working fine. After having it unplugged for 2 days, I plugged it back in along with usb to mouse , printer and external hard drive then powered up. mouse driver, internal and external hard drive and cd drive lights started flashing every few seconds simultaneously with corresponding noise but no boot, black screen. I tried to power down but power button did nothing. unhooked usb's and took the battery out. trid again without ubs's, same result. let it sit overnight. now it powers up lights don't flash but still black screen, no boot. internal hard drive light comes on but does not sound like it is spinning. still won't power down either. tried powering on with recovery disc in. nothing.
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  1. Try it power only with no battery?
  2. daship said:
    Try it power only with no battery?

    Yes. Tried that.
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