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recently i noticed a lot of people reccomending samsung ram. whats the difference between this and say corsair vengeance or crucial ballistics.

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    The reason Samsung is so popular is that it does not come with those silly, unnecessary heatspreaders most other companies force on you. Also as far as I know all Samsung RAM is actually manufactured by Samsung. Crucial is mostly ( 90%) Micron made since they are basically the same company. Corsair is just a rebrander and they use modules made by Qimonda, Elpida, Micron, Powerchip, Hynix and even Samsung. Probably a few others as well.

    Here is a pretty incomplete list but it's the best one I know of as to who makes what.
  2. Samsung DIMMs are made of RAM chips rated the same speed as the DIMMs they occupy, and that is highly unusual in today's market, where 30-50% oveclocking by the manufacturer is common.
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