Trying to play GTA4 on my Dell GX620 Low profile question?

I have a Dell Optiplex (Small tower) GX620 3.0GHz (pentium 4) dual core, 32bit operating system, and 2gb ram... I bought GTA4 and went to BestBuy to get a graphics card for it.. I learned that I needed a Low Profile card and the salesman told me to get the NVIDIA GeForce 210 so trusting him I did... Well, now i know that this card IS NOT powerful enough to play GTA4 because its so choppy I just uninstalled it... What can anyone reccomend for getting my GTA4 running good enought to enjoy playing? I plan on changing the vehicles and such so I dont know if that means it will need a really top notch graphics card or not? Any help? First post. :D
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  1. I had the same deal with a friend.

    we ended up getting rid of the dell case. put it into a standard Midi ATX Case /w PSU and used a full size graphics card.
  2. no matter what video card you get it will still be choppy because of you processor. Being that it's a pentium 4, it's not a dual core but a single core cpu with hyperthreading (which will show as two cores in device manager. If you don't have at least a reasonably modern dual core or better, you should forget about it. GTA 4 needs at least 2 very fast cores or a quad core to work good, not to mention the video card which since you need a low profile one, there probably isn't a low profile card out there that can run gta 4 well.
  3. Oh and NEVER buy computer parts from Best Buy, they charge like 30-40% more than you would pay for the same parts at a reputable online retailer like Newegg.
  4. Wow, so anotherwords this computer will never be capable of playing gta4 without being choppy... How dissapointing. So sell it and try to buy something better? I thought I was in good shape, but I guess this thing is a dinosaur!
  5. Sell it and get something better, i still cant get over 50 fps on max settings in GTA 4 with an i7 2600k and two 470's. Although i did try playing GTA 4 with very low settings on a pent 4 3.6ghz 2 gb of ram and a 7950gx2 and that lagged with like 10-15 fps because of the CPU even with a pretty nice card.

    I wouldnt count on getting more than 40$ though for the computer, its old.
  6. Well maybe perhaps if you can get the best pentium d processor it could get somewhat respectable fps.

    I don't know if that cpu is compatible with your motherboard though but I think it is.
  7. A Pentium D wouldn't run GTA IV well, even the fastest Pentium Ds are at best only comparable to a moderately fast Core 2 Duo, and those choke on GTA IV. As already said, you need a really fast dual core, or a quad core CPU in order to run GTA IV well. Even on my system, i5 760 2.8 GHz, Radeon HD 6870, GTA IV will hit lag spikes and suffer from occassional stuttering. It was simply a horrible port, and unless someone rewrites half the code for the game it will be pretty hard to get it to run well. The only way to run it anywhere close to well is to brute force your way through the horribly optimized code with hardware that was either top of the line at the time the game came out, or even more powerful hardware that didn't exist at the time when the game launched.
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