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So a illiterate friend of mine gave me his old computer which is broken. Upon turning it on i found all the hardware seemed to load fine. When it started to load vista it blue screened. So i thought to install xp, when i started the disc boot, it got to the point where i could select to either install xp, repair, or quit, before i could even press anything, the computer shut down. No blue screen or anything, it just turned off. Also, using hirens boot cd, i managed to get into linux, but when i tried mini xp, the computer once again, just shut down, no warning, no screen. The bios had a diagnostics test for ram, hd, and cpu, which all yielded fine. To be sure, i tried different cds, different hard drives, different ram, there is no video card, it is integrated. The cpu is a phenom x4 9650 running at 2.3. there is 6 gbs of ram, and a 640 gb sata hd. So it seems to just shut down whenever it does something windows related, but linux is just fine. I even tried resetting the bios by removing and reinstalling the cmos. I would really like to get this fixed, it would be a shame to have to scrap it for parts. And yes, i did check all the cables and a different power supply as well.
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  1. The drivers in the XP install are too old for the hardware. Use a HW diagnostic tool to find the hardware you have, then use the right chipset drivers, sata drivers, etc. If you are lucky teh manufacturer has done this work for you -- many people 'downleveled' vista to xp. Read also about 'slipstreaming' (google it) to get teh drivers into XP.

    Aside: I'd go forward with win7, not bacl with xp. Aside2: Most manu have a hidden partition with the OS load -- see if that will boot. Aside 3 most manu let you order a replacement media for their OS that is tied to a MB for roughly $10. You could get vista that way if the PC has it's orginal MB still installed.
  2. allright ill try that, the thing was i have an extra xp key lying around, but i have a 7 disc (No code but ill do it anyway). still though, shouldnt minixp work, cause i was having the same issue, i soon as minixp loaded off of hirens, the computer just shut down, no warning or anything.

    aside from that, ive heard possibly a corrupt bios, but i dont think thats the case, cause then i would have problems with getting into linux?
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