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Alright so I returned my old board and got a brand new z77 extreme 4. I have updated the bios to the latest version and am having problems with random restarts after it boots up to windows. It runs fine for about 30-40 mins but then it just restarts itself.
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  1. have you been monitoring the temps? use core temp or hwmonitor to see if you cpu is overheating? if temperature is the issue them you might need to recheck your heatsink installation
  2. what would be considered to high speedfan has the temp at 30c. I know the ivy bridges run hotter than the old sandies so this seems fine to me.
  3. On core temp the voltage keeps jumping up and down not sure if thats normal?
  4. that is an excellent temp(even by sandy standard) and the voltage will jump up and down owing to intel speed step. its definitely not a temp issue. what is your system configuration?
  5. Asrock z77 extreme4
    600 watt psu
    g.skill sniper low voltage ram 8g (4g*2) 1600 (ram is supported)
    WD 500g HDD
    gtx 670 2g
    i5 3750k stock
    windows 7 64 bit ultimate

    Ram is not an issue and neither is the socket before I do anything I always inspect the socket for bent pins.
  6. i hope it is a good psu that you are using. that's a beefy graphics card you have there.
    try running the system with just one ram stick and then see if it still reboots. check with both ram sticks.
    Also there must be an instruction in your mobo manual which says something like " note, core series processors require ram in slot no 1 for the system to work properly"
    For my system, it is necessary that for stable operation, i populate slot 1 with a ram stick.
  7. I am only running one ram stick all slots work though and still getting restarts, the psu is fine.
  8. have you checked your hard drive's health? are you using a particular program, application when this happens?
    also when you installed the mobo in your chasis have you ensured all standoffs are properly installed? if you are using an aftermarket cooler, make sure you have all your standoffs in place and the cooler is not bending your mobo.
  9. no after market cooler since the case has really good airflow. Drive is fine I can load it up on other computers fine. could it be some of the drivers from their site? and yes all standoffs are being used. Sometimes when I game sometimes when I am on skype. I end up getting the 1101 error in windows log for the restart.
  10. may want to download hardware monitor on another one that logs atx power. could be two of the legs of the power supply has a bad component and it randomly drops below the atxs voltage spec. or one of the ac to dc converter in the power supply is bad....letting in ac ripple onto the dc side of the power supply. the ripple causing the system to lock up. to see if it could be your power supply not holding the load. try running with just the onboard gpu. the other place i would check make sure the mb set your ram timing up right. most new mb need xmp profile turned on.
  11. ram is at the right timing so I will download and check
  12. What should I be looking for with hardware monitor
  13. okay. it seems that its a bug that may get fixed with the lates service pack. But also read this:
    though i feel you may have seen this already.

    1/2 down the page is atx voltage range that your ps should stay within. what to have progarm that logs the voltage and use the pc till it reboots and then see what the voltage was at time of reboot.
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