CPU fan constantly running


My CPU fan keeps running, the temperature is 34C, and the target temperature is 45C. It still runs at full speed, I can increase the target to whatever but it won't change anything.

I am still new to this stuff so any help will be appreciated.
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  1. It sounds like it could be one of a few things
    1). The bios may be set to run the cpu fan at full speed (100%) - change to automatic/q-fan/cool'n'quiet/(whatever your motherboards equivalent is)
    2). The cpu fan may be plugged into the wrong header - plug the fan connector into the header marked cpufan/cpu
    3). It's a 3-pin fan plugged into a 4-pin PWM header - depending on motherboard model there may be an optionin your bios to toggle fan type between 3-pin and PWM (4-pin)
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