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I have loaded ubuntu 11.1 (from purchased CD's) onto a Hitachi 4TB Deskstar from an LG Blu-ray Disc Rewriter (WH12LS30). The system is a 880GA-UD3H (Gigabyte) Motherboard (Phenom II), with 16 GB RAM installed. Currently I have the HDD on SATA0 with (2) LG CDs on SATA4 and SATA5. I loaded Ubuntu from the CD with no problems. When the system reboots the screen goes blank for two minutes and then the screen shows "Loading Operating System . . . . " and stays in this position. I am going to Ubuntu without windows, so upon installation ubuntu configured the entire HD as one partition.

Anyone know a solution? I should not be this difficult to load a UNIX system!
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  1. Did you try to install Unbuntu from website resource?
    Maybe it can clarify the problem due to your CD or unbuntu compatiblity.
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