Odd lagging and sound issues in game

Recently I got a new graphics card and have been experiencing some weird issues. I start up a game then it runs fine for a while then suddenly the sound starts to get distorted and i get a lag but my fps is still like 60. I close out and look at the task manager and the cpu usage is extremely high. I restart the computer then its fine. Other times I can have a whole gaming session without any issues.

Here's my specs:
gateway DX4822
Pentium(r) dual core e5300 2.60GHz
6 gb of idk what type of ram
gtx 550 ti 2gb

also i recently put in a new power supply, since my last one went out, it's like a 530w and to get to it had to take off the cpu fan then re-glued it after.
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  1. Download the process Explorer http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/bb896653

    When you see the problem happen run it and see what program running at the background to cause that..... But your processor is consider old ...


    Sometimes if you have Disk Defragment Software or Antivirus Program running at the back ground will cause 100% usage easily..
  2. So you definitely think its CPU based?
  3. Best bet is your CPU is bottle-necking your video card, Might want to replace that CPU.. its old
  4. So i ran that process explorer when I had issues and hardware interrupts and DPC's came up as the major abnormal process taking up my CPU.
  5. Looks like a HW problem then. Sound chip could be on the way out...
  6. just a thought could I be overheating?
  7. xcgamer said:
    just a thought could I be overheating?

    What are your Temps? anything over 70 I would say is a start to overheating at medium load. The overheating per say will not make it lagg but it might cause the hardware to not work to its full potential which will cause lagg.
  8. Hello guys. I've got a simmilar problem.
    While I am playing a game and I am listening to music at YouTube/jetAudio, I get a horrible lag in-game and the music start bugging like it's in slow mo, my FPS drops from 60 to 20 and then under 10...
    Even when I close Google Chrome or the music program, it's the same. Now, that's happening while playing World of Tanks.

    My PC specs and temperatures here: http://i42.tinypic.com/6tmzqe.jpg

    Earlyer on CoD4 I got that too, it was really annoying, and on MW2 on map Terminal suddenly when I get to the center of the map by the plane, I got a FPS drop from 50 to 6-7 FPS and there are lags ofc, like I am in slow mo, but 2 times worse.

    This thread is old, but I hope someone can tell me what to do. Probably answers will be BUY a new PC.
    I think it's up to the CPU, as it's old. I could OC it to 3.0 or 3.2, but no cooling inside my case and it would overheat.

    Thanks in advance.
  9. Newer browsers (Chrome/Firefox) actually offload to the GPU, which can cause lag in games. If it gets too bad you'll have to close all browsers.
  10. I'll close all unnecessary programs when I play a game from now on.
    I will tell u if it works :) (Yea, probably it will)
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