Hard Disk Space Reduced

My hard disk size is 1.5 GB & my memory is 3 GB RAM

After installing a copy of Windows 7 afresh, my C: drive space has drastically reduced i.e. from 39 GB to 20 GB.

What could be the reason for this?
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  1. What Operating System did you use before installing a fresh copy of Windows 7? What do you drive space drastically reduced? Maybe because your installing a fresh copy of Windows 7, formatting your drives, and you haven't installed anything yet.?
  2. If its Windows 7, if you didn't format your drive when "fresh" installing the Windows 7 installer will detect that there is an existing install of Windows on the drive and it will move all of those files to a folder called "Windows.old" on the C drive. Check your C drive for a folder with that name and you will have an answer. You can delete that folder and it should free up lots of space. If thats doesn't work you should get something like a linux based partition editor and format your drive. Then go back and fresh install windows again with a completely clean drive. This can be done much easier if you have another pc nearby which you can throw the drive in and format that way.

    Hope this helps.
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